Betcee May

Trying out my Aquarell Faber Castell color pencil once again. No brushing this time. Model here is the beautiful Betcee May. If you are reading this, show her some love and go check her profile.

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(NSFW, though I hate the term)



Posted: January 20, 2014 in Rhapsody of Art
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SprezzaturaReturned to pen sketching for a while. This took me a lot of time to finish (upwards of 5 hours) , but curiously I did this in a single sitting. The model and the photographer of the subject here is Olia. She’s absolutely awesome, so show her some love and check out her gallery.

Olia’s dA page:

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Check out the original here:

I’m going through some serious existential problems. Hence, I decided to deal with it by getting back to color pencils. It’s been almost 7 years since I last used a color pencil. I had not long ago dismissed it as a plaything for children, but have realised now that it’s a fascinating way to make art. Especially, if it’s Faber Castell’s aquarell.

Before brushing

Before brushing

After Brushing

After Brushing

The original is by the talented photographer, Anna Kozreva. Do visit her dA site.

Model: Anastasia Z

Anna’s dA page:

Anna’s portfolio:

Check out the original here:

Robert Plant

Robert Plant

There are some people who transcend their human nature. These people need not be smart, strong, especially clever or anything of that sort. All they need to do is take their guitar onto the stage and rise to the encore. That moment will be frozen in time. At that moment, they have become gods.

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

The new year will be an ode to these two who, when on stage, are creators of dreams.


I have been planning to start pen sketching for the last three years. I finally began. A wise man once told me, “Get off your ass, and start using that pen for something other than Mario Kart.” I’m merely complying. Plus, it’s a valid excuse to restart my blog which has been dead since a very long time.

That doodle I put up in this post took me around three to four hours.

I need to get better at this pen thingy.


valentine ball