Insights about me

First and foremost, I am an engineering student, the one who has always dreamed of being an archeologist, studying in this great national institution which specialises in nibbling your imagination down to the bone. The only reason I thought of coming here is so that I can become filthy rich while the rest of the world dies in the gutter wishing they were me. Unlikely. But, as they say, optimism is a beautiful thing. I am an optimist. Being an optimist here, would be sitting around doing nothing, least of all studying. It is 3 in the morning, and my whole life’s aim has come down to making a decision as to whether I should go to sleep now, or finish watching the 15 minute youtube video on whaling. I am an optimist.

I love to read books. Books allow you to escape reality which is more often than not, dystopian. Curiously, dystopian is also the genre of books I read most often. So I am pretty much stuck in a limbo.

My engineering branch has given me profound insights about life. Run like a slave empire, my branch allows me the subtle pleasure of doing boring and pointless assignments whenever I think I should have been free. Whatever imagination remained has been joyfully smothered amidst a vicious barrage of myriads of assignments, lab works and home works. One can never imagine the happiness we feel as we see other branch kids go about their lives, while we so revel in the lack of it. I mean how can those people know the fun of doing seventy quetions in two days. Two days of weekend. meh!

And when I am not reading books, doing an assignment or staring at the wall, I am procrastinating. So , That’s all folks !! about me , i shall update this section later!

  1. Mr Bones says:

    You never even mentioned you could draw


  2. 70 qns in two days – are you by any chance a mech final yr at NIT Trichy?

  3. Amit Pandey says:

    @unlimitedgreed: I think by now you’d figured it out yourself, but just to clarify. Utkarsh jaiswal was referring to the line
    | I mean how can those people know the fun of doing seventy quetions in two days. Two days of weekend. meh!|

    • Ah, so that is what it meant. I wrote up that stuff more than a year back – nope, the number seventy has no meaning for me, so it never struck me. But I suppose if you were to read the Note afresh and then look at the comment, it would make a world of sense. 🙂 Anyways thanks for pointing it out.

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