A Bad Hair Day Picture

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Rhapsody of Art
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It’s been a while since I drew something. I tried but I had this block that I was having trouble with. Couldn’t sketch to save my life. After myriads of half finished sketches, I had pretty much given up. But that was before the exams. Smack in the middle of my final exams, I decide that I must get rid of my block. Nothing like all-important exams to give you some divine inspiration. It was Karma. So I start out with something simple.

The photo that was the model was pretty simple. Straight-forward portrait, no weird lighting, no strange shadows and no shining vampire either. The only challenge in the model was the hair, which was all ruffled up – pretty much giving the name to this post. That and the offbeat expression. Though nothing that I couldn’t handle. All my previous artworks had on most part taught me how to negotiate with messy hair, so there you go. Overall it took me two hours to complete the sketch. Twenty four minutes to get the face and the face shades and all that. The rest of the two hours were spent on ..well.. the hair.

By the way, that’s my friend Miral being coy.


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