Il Mafiosi

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Rhapsody of Art
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Thank God this is over! I started this three weeks from now and have been since working on this intermittently. And boy, was it a lot of work! The whole point of this was for me and my room mates to have some sort of memoir, and seeing that I drew a lot of people, maybe in one of them it could be us. So there you go. Now most of my sketches have models, but this one didn’t. So I had to take pictures of all four of us to make my life simpler, my friend Thridev (from across the dorm) helped me out with his camera. The result of our experimentation was this.

From this I had to flesh out each of them through my imagination, clothe them according to 1920s to 30s style. Give each of them a role to flesh them out even better. In some cases, I had to mess around with the orientation of the head and all, to get the right feel. In order of original photo: Jakes – The Fixer, Me – Shady Barman, Avinash – Dirty Cop, Stein – Mafia Spare.

It took me just about forever to finish this one. The time would easily cross beyond 12 hours. There isn’t anything new that I have done with this sketch, other than the fact that I drew most of it out of my head. Since most of what you are seeing is from my imagination, I made mistakes with the shadows, so forgive me for those.

Vysakh, our year’s Primo Photographer, helped me out by taking a shot of my sketch, since I couldn’t scan this, what with A4 scanners and all.  And Vishnu helped me correct the midtones and the shadows. So it would’ve looked really crappy without these two.

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