I’m not the only one

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Rhapsody of Art

Initially I just wanted to try out some charcoal. You must know, charcoal is a great way to sketch, but very difficult to control. If graphite represents control and cautiousness then charcoal is the enfant terrible. Very difficult to control, partly because I had no previous experience with it. So after a protracted trial with charcoal which was fruitless, I ended up using the auld waye. 8B for the darkest tones, 6B for the transition, the rest of the Bs used sparingly on the face. I never touched the HB anywhere on the paper. The whole thing took me 5 hours to complete, no less, minus the time I spent with the charcoal. Sketching this was fun.

The title is a famous refrain from a Nirvana song. Why did I put that as the title? Go figure.

check out the model if you want, and don’t forget to go through the rest of his gallery here http://paint-me-a-picture.deviantart.com/art/the-scream-280119059?q=favby%3Anovogrond&qo=3


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