Posted: December 11, 2011 in Rhapsody of Art

Snow on dead branches
Quickly falls, loneliness comes
Shedding crystal tears

The model is the promo poster of the french band Alcest. It’s a wonder how Alcest always has this overarching feeling of melancholy in everything, whether its their songs, or their posters. That is why this band draws me in like gravity.

Before I started on this sketch, I had this ‘face your fear’ thing going. The human hair (those on top of the head, mind) has for quite some time been my final frontier. So I absolutely had to do this one.

It had been quite a while since I drew last and I was feeling a bit out of touch, which would be my excuse for a host of errors that would be apparent to trained eyes (okay now, don’t check).

Post Scriptum: The haiku isn’t mine, but by a girl called Heather. I think it fits in perfectly with the mood of the sketch. Thank you, Heather, please don’t sue me.


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