My club mates in a nutshell and a clow card

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Rhapsody of Art

A college life is pretty dreary if you come to think about it, especially if you are from my college. I mean how much fun can it possibly be staring at books and plotting graphs. Though I don’t rule out the possibility that you’re a bloody model student, in which case you can stuff it.

As I was saying, the college life can be as dry as the as the Atacama desert. One of the few respites that you get here and there, are the clubs. The clubs go quite some way in overthrowing the dull monotone of everyday life, so I decided that I’ll do a little dedication. I was going to hand out a memento of sorts to each one of them. What I had fixed on was cards, each telling a unique story about whoever it was meant for.

I removed some of the dialogues because, well, I didn’t want this particular page to be a life long embarrassment for them. The rest I have retained because…well, it won’t make sense for you anyways.

Many asked me why did I make them. I really have no answer for that. It was a mere whim that I started out with the whole thing. From my massive experience of seventeen years*, I can say that ‘reasons’ are overrated. You just do stuff and rationalise later or not at all. Maybe that won’t end well, but really, did you come here for mushy philosophy?

It was a whim, so let us keep it at that.

Initially I didn’t appreciate the scale of difficulty I was about to face. As I progressed, many things cropped up, which I hadn’t thought through earlier. For example I was going to make these like tarot cards and give them away as presents. But I was working on paper, and paper gets frayed and degenerates with time. Since I meant these to be mementos, I couldn’t allow that. So I decided to get them laminated.

Also, I originally intended to give my club mates the original caricature. But making a background for each of them by hand was going to be excruciating. So I fixed on Photoshop and decided to laminate the print outs.

The whole thing took forever to finish (and is still in progress) so let us not get into how much time it took. But I started in June and now its September. So there you have it.

*you really don’t carry much experience from your first two years or so, believe me. Except belching and gnawing. And walking, but lets not start a debate on importance of such experiences.

PS: The ‘clow card’ forms the back of all the cards and is basically a narcissistic representation of me. I am not apologetic.

  1. Joel Elias says:

    well.. u knw my opinion.. 😀 n yea.. smart move to remove all those rytings.. 😛

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