I know what you did last week……

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Rhapsody of Art

My first actual poster!! The Sarasvati puja committee guys of my college (read: Alok Saw)  asked me to help out by making a poster, so I quickly made up this one. The beautiful Sarasvati I used in the poster was posted by Louis Cypher on a forum on wutang-corp.com. Overall, the work was still quite amateurish and rough on the edges (literally) but its still my first actual poster. The final product has the venue, time and date as is required. Rest is the same.

Another photoshop job I did to make a profile picture for my facebook account. Nothing much really, a lot of blending of layers. Tried to get a sort of vampirish/undead feel, while getting those cracks, inspired by Gaara of the Sands from Naruto. The guy in the picture is me (doh!) and I used a ‘broken wall’ texture from google for the cracks on the face. I might change a few things in near future, but then again, i might not.


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