You Can’t Petition the Lord With Prayers

Posted: November 7, 2010 in Rhapsody of Art

My latest photoshop creation. I was just trying out a bunch of things that i had come across recently. Seeing that I had no time to even take a breath, what with exams and all, I took time out to do this to relax for a bit.

Now enough of whining. I stole this picture off my roommate’s phone. The people in the photo are my college-mates. The guy with the guitar is Akash, one of the guy’s praying is Tanmay and another is Mohit. Unfortunately, i can’t recognize the fourth guy.

What i was trying to make was a grunge rock poster, overloading the whole things with as many details as can pass unnoticed. I added a line from Jim Morrison’s ‘The Door: the Soft Parade’ – “You can’t Petition The Lord with Prayer”. Hope you people like it, though to say the truth the effect was not what i had initially expected and i spent little time on the whole thing.

This is the original photo i used.

PS: I did this whole thing without their permission, i hope they would not mind.

  1. Casey says:

    So if I send you a pic of myself will you’ brand’ me? Of course after ur exams etc.


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