Health, Mana and Nirvana

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Rambling, Slice of Life

This is the story of one of my room-mates. . Its more like a deep insight rather than any story though. Since he did not wish to be named, let us call him Jack.

To put it simply, you don’t measure Jack’s height or weight. You measure him not in kilograms or meters, but rather in newtons. That’s because Jack is less a person than a force of nature. While he is solving puzzles and riddles in a blink, or hooking up with some random girl,or playing DOTA on the eve of the exams, or master-locking the shit out of someone bigger than him …or even while being able to find a clean toilet every single darn time, Jack … is a force.

He is an idea, something like Chuck Norris. If there is something you can’t do, Jack can. Want to beat money out of Angshuman ( who is a rather big guy) ? Call Jack. Want someone who’ll do your assignments for you in the name of friendship? Call Jack. Want someone to play DOTA with before the exam? Call Jack. Want to rape the funniest joke you have ever heard? Call Jack. Jack is the best friend a guy can possibly have. He wouldn’t even mind baby-sitting you and listen to your pointless whinng. If you want, he will follow you to the depths of hell, master-lock Satan and force him to lend you some money while he is at it. Needless to say, but he is probably the most popular guy in the college. Every other guy is a friend of his. So we go like, “Jack, who is that?” Then Jack will say,” Oh that? That’s a friend of mine …what was his name again?”

His intellectual capacity is humongous. He is at his element when solving puzzles, whether word puzzles or mathematical ones. I remember there being a puzzle which me and Stein were brain-storming over for hours. Jack walks in, sees the riddle, solves it and walks out, leaving us to doubt our IQ level. He doesn’t limit himself to his books, but broods over deeper mysteries of the world.

In the world of Philosophy, Jack is the new age Osho. Like a sage, you can find Jack sitting with his blanket wrapped around him, dishing out predictions. For example-“ We will get our LAN connection on Friday.” “We will not have any exams this week.” “ there is no homework for tomorrow.” and such. How many of them come out to be true are a matter of debate. Yet, with the air of a mendicant about him, if someone has achieved nirvana, its him.

Jack achieving Nirvana and breaking the cycles of life and death

Jack brooding over deeper mysteries of the Universe

PS: I declare this post as largely fictional, seeing that my life is in a danger…


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