Dystopia and Photoshop

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Rhapsody of Art

Yup, my first Photoshop job! Got around to using Photoshop after all… not a drawing (can’t do that yet) but a poster instead. The guy in the poster is Alex Delarge (Malcolm MacDowell) from the movie ‘A Clockwork Orange’ , a psychological and dystopian movie by Stanley Kubrick.

This movie was made in around 1970s on a book of the same name by Anthony Burgesse. I haven’t seen the movie completely, but I did get hold of the book, which I found rather ……. unreadable, thanks to all the Russian and Cockney slangs. But do remember that the movie is considered one of the classics of English cinematography of the last century. The movie was so well made that despite being X-rated ( don’t get your hopes too high, it’s only because of “ultra violence” ) it won a nomination for Oscars. It is, with ‘Midnight Cowboy’, the only other movie which has been able to do so, ever.

it took me quite some time to make that one, though it was surprisingly easy. I DID make a few errors, but did not bother fixing it.  Critics, go easy on me….. 😀

PS: I used the following image as reference

PPS: “Law of Novogrond” is just a signature, not a quote or anything

  1. Sree-FX says:

    hey good work with the face part… still gotta work around with the typographics…. i can give us some simple tips there…

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