Posted: September 25, 2010 in Rhapsody of Art

Whenever I am searching for a model to sketch, I frequent deviantArt. But of late, my searches have disappointed me. I usually draw something that I will have fun while I am at it. Hence I prefer photos which look natural, with a dynamic expression or mood to it. Its kind of difficult to describe.

Since long searches in dA were turning up nothing, i thought I will look around in facebook. This is rather unusual since photos in facebook are by amateurs, which means even a good photo could be ruined thanks to the improper lighting and such things. But i went ahead anyways since i was so jobless. And then I found this really good photo in Soumita Banerjee’s gallery. I was pleasantly surprised to see the mirror being put to good use. Professionals have used mirrors in photography. This one beat them. The lighting was so arranged, that effectively there were two light sources (thanks to the mirror). Secondly, i had to draw two figures, both of them have to look the same AND look like reflection, not like twins. The third difficulty was her hair. The cascading hair was SO difficult that most probably, that one took most of my time. Thats what makes drawing hair so fun (the difficulty, i.e.). And the subject looked pretty too which means I had to draw this one.

By the way, I took some liberty with the sketch. the unusual lighting meant that Soumita had some wierd shadow patterns on her face, i decided to iron them out and went ahead with normal generic shadows. I could have tried, but that would mean excessive erasing, that would have degraded the paper and it would appear wierd.

The sketch took a life time to finish, thanks to all the assignments given to us by the professors. Well, I finished it though. Right now i guess thats what matters.

  1. Mr Bones says:

    Vishnu is right, the picture deserves a better signature.


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