Posted: September 5, 2010 in Rambling

The first semester of my second year in my college started with promises of a bright future, money and a seemingly-ready-and-voluptuous LAN. Or so we thought. In our first year, we had been able to obtain a cheap connection for the last few months of our stay in first year hostel (Karthik would be have something to say about that). But since none of us had laptops or desktops for that matter, the whole concept of LAN did not really affect us.  We would still look at people working on the slow and Fortiguard-ridden internet and gossip about it, all of which went along the lines of “I heard that second year LAN is SO MUCH better!”….”I think I heard one senior say he can bypass Fortiguard.”….”dude, the second years and third years have a ready LAN”.    None of these were true for one thing, but we said those anyways since it’s good to hope.

One of the first things that I came to realize when I entered my room in second-year hostel was that we did not have LAN, which was as disheartening as the length of my Course-Syllabus. But if there is a will, there is a way. So Karthik Singhal is mobbed, and he has to tell me a hundred times that he has nothing to do with hostel LAN this year.

There had to be SOMEONE who’ll put up LAN, right? There was a rumour that “some-mallu-guys” were going to put up LAN this year. And soon enough, there were posters all over the place announcing the upcoming LAN and how it was going to be so much better than the one we had earlier. So everyone was really upbeat about the LAN turning up so early, that rumours started flying left and right. Jakes, ever the sage, went on about his prophesies. “We will get the LAN in two days.” He would say, sitting cross-legged on the bed. “Oh my god, we are going to get LAN in two days!” After two days, when we still haven’t got LAN we would go to Jakes once again, who would sooth us with “We will get it this week.”

This went on for a while and people started getting restless. The LAN admin would be hounded wherever he would go, even for something as innocuous as going to take a leak. But the LAN was not coming up. To make matters worse, the people who were going to put the whole thing up, got involved in some kind of ragging scandal. Which means the whole thing was delayed indefinitely. And then there were the exams of course.

By this time, more than a month had passed. Stein went on about how we ought to get hold of some sort of USB modem, since the speed will be so much better and there would be no Fortiguard. So a week after the exam, we decide that enough is enough and we need internet NOW.

We go to Calicut, grab an MBlaze and a special discount and put up the Wifi. The same day, we get our LAN…..

But now that I have net after this long, let’s go on an updating spree!

  1. Mr Bones says:

    All true, except for the fact that the day you guys went to buy MBlaze happens to be the day they put up the LAN connection in every room.

    Kind of sad but annoying that way

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