The Questions

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Rambling

Everything has a beginning, whether everything has an end is a different debate altogether. That beginning ever leads to four fundamental questions – who, when, how, why.

As to the ‘who‘, the answer is really very simple – my name is Mayukh. I am the master of this little domain.

The ‘when‘ in my opinion is a rather unnecessary question,I would so prefer the slightest suggestion of ‘being forever’.

The ‘how‘ happened from a rather forceful suggestion from my maître , who happens to be this big honcho and an eminent artist from my college in India.

why‘ is because I thought, after being “suggested”, that perhaps this is a good way to show off whatever I am good at …….oh, and to help out my college club’s blog at the same time. Taken into perspective ‘why’ could also be, “why is the name of your blog ‘ergovivacious’ ?”. Well, ‘ergovivacious’ means ‘therefore, vivacious’. Why am I vivacious, you’ll see.

One can say that, why don’t we have a fifth question- “what”. Then I would say, “Well, hello! were you sleeping? What, is the creation of this blog.”


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