Have you heard of Horatio?

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Rhapsody of Art

You do know Horatio, right? He is the brave Roman, who stood at the head of a bridge, fighting hordes of Tuscans, while his fellow soldiers cut down the bridge behind him, so that the Tuscans can’t invade Rome. This is a legendary story that we read, when we are newly acquainted to the world of books. How much of truth is there in this legend, i do not know. But what i do know is that we have a parallel in French history. Pierre Terrail, a knight of Bayard, or should i say, Chevalier de Bayard is a celebrated French national hero from the 16th century. He is associated with a similar feat against the invading Spaniards. I drew this picture of his statue in the quiet french city of Grenoble.


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