Betcee May

Trying out my Aquarell Faber Castell color pencil once again. No brushing this time. Model here is the beautiful Betcee May. If you are reading this, show her some love and go check her profile.

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(NSFW, though I hate the term)


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SprezzaturaReturned to pen sketching for a while. This took me a lot of time to finish (upwards of 5 hours) , but curiously I did this in a single sitting. The model and the photographer of the subject here is Olia. She’s absolutely awesome, so show her some love and check out her gallery.

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I’m going through some serious existential problems. Hence, I decided to deal with it by getting back to color pencils. It’s been almost 7 years since I last used a color pencil. I had not long ago dismissed it as a plaything for children, but have realised now that it’s a fascinating way to make art. Especially, if it’s Faber Castell’s aquarell.

Before brushing

Before brushing

After Brushing

After Brushing

The original is by the talented photographer, Anna Kozreva. Do visit her dA site.

Model: Anastasia Z

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Anna’s portfolio:

Check out the original here:

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Robert Plant

Robert Plant

There are some people who transcend their human nature. These people need not be smart, strong, especially clever or anything of that sort. All they need to do is take their guitar onto the stage and rise to the encore. That moment will be frozen in time. At that moment, they have become gods.

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page

The new year will be an ode to these two who, when on stage, are creators of dreams.

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I have been planning to start pen sketching for the last three years. I finally began. A wise man once told me, “Get off your ass, and start using that pen for something other than Mario Kart.” I’m merely complying. Plus, it’s a valid excuse to restart my blog which has been dead since a very long time.

That doodle I put up in this post took me around three to four hours.

I need to get better at this pen thingy.

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valentine ball

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D156. That’s my room. It’s a single room and when I first entered, quite forbidding. It was damp in many places and had curse words (in bad English) scrawled all over the place. To make a long whining short – the place was uninhabitable and violated my right to life. Of course the only person who could change that was me. The nice thing about the senior year in my college is that we have a lot of free time.  Someone smart had once told me that “A rational man would adapt himself to the situation, but an irrational man would adapt the situation to himself.” And I’m dripping irrationality through every pore.

So I paint the first pair of walls.

Disregard me in the picture >.<

Close up of the guitar. Please don’t pay attention to me. You’ll only be encouraging me otherwise.

Now I don’t want to sit here and write out an interpretation for all the crap I put up on my wall. The design in any case isn’t completely mine. I took it in most part from this amazing artist called Haze Long from Malaysia. Believe me when I say it, she’s a goddess when it comes to abstract wall art. Check out her website:

It took me little over a week to finish this part. I was, of course, working only intermittently. It was a learning experience more than anything else. That and a lot of grunt work. A LOT. Those black bands took forever to finish.

O hai.

The whole project was on hiatus as I had come down with stomach flu for a month. After that there were exams and all and I had to wait till the vacations. In the meantime I was working on the design.

The wall which I was going to paint had a nasty switchboard right in the middle. This neatly divided the wall into two parts. Since there are two parts, the duality theme was staring right in the face. Now the whole black and white duality is so passé, that I didn’t even consider it. The new duality is poly chrome vs monochrome. This part of painting is better documented, so I’ll let the pictures talk. IMAG0020


The original is by Kid Notorious in Deviant Art. You can find that here:


The male half

The male half

The male half

The male half

The male half


The male half

The female half

The female half

The female half

The female half

The female half.

The female half.

The female Half

The female Half

All this took me the best part of a month to complete. The difficulty of this stuff was on a different level. I realised it the hard way, that mixing different colours on the vertical wall is not that simple, especially with different colours of the same brand having different consistencies. I spent a third of the time doing the actual painting and the rest two third correcting my mistakes. The result of course was most fulfilling.

Inspiration is rare these days. What inspired me to do this specifically is something I’ll leave to speculation.



PS: Photo credits go to Vysakh Karthikeyan. You can check out his awesome photography page here:


I am doing this update primarily because I have been forced into it, courtesy my sister. This book was suggested to me by one of my friends who’s judgement on books I defer to. Well, usually. The cover said ‘Never Let Me Go’ and there was a photo of a girl, presumably dancing. I detest romantic novels with a religious fervour. And well as far as first impressions were concerned, I had to consume a bucket of salt to actually get myself to read the book. That I got blown over by the book is an understatement.

The story revolves around Kathy H, as she grows up in the enigmatic boarding school known as Hailsham House. As usual, Kazuo Ishiguro plays with his forte, which are strong character building and relationship dynamics. You can see that he focuses mostly on Kathy and her relationship with her friend Ruth and her longtime love interest Tommy. My last sentence with “her friend Ruth” and “her longtime love interest Tommy” would be a simplification because with Kazuo Ishiguro things are never that simple. Not that I’m complaining.

He follows the life of Kathy and her friends – Ruth and Tommy from their childhood. They grow up, as the book progresses, and so does the reader; as they learn about the dystopian Britain that Ishiguro is depicting through the eyes of his protagonist. As they grow up trying to figure out the mystery surrounding Hailsham House, their teachers and the outside world, they must contend with each other as people get progressively complicated, thereby affecting their relationship with each other. I could describe what kind of people Kathy, Ruth and Tommy are and how they affect the other, but to do that would be sacrilege seeing that that is exactly what the book is all about. The plot on the other hand is simple. As the main characters grow up, they come face to face with their fate and whether they can change it is something that they must find out.

The book belongs to what they say coming-of-age genre, something that’s explored in many Japanese movies and books. Kazuo Ishiguro has done a masterful work with this one. ‘Never Let Me Go’ is a book with many layers. At every second page you’ll be re-evaluating your notion about a certain character. This gives a sense of realism and allows you to emotionally connect with all the characters in the book, even someone as annoying as Ruth. As I was going through the book I felt as if Ishiguro had been painting beautiful pictures with words, such was the vividness of his writing. There are scenes where you can’t but help conjure up images in your head and be haunted by it thereafter. I especially remember that scene where Kathy is dancing with her doll while ‘Never let me go’ by Judy Bridgewater is softly playing in the background.

That and the ending. I was completely floored. A lot of people have said that the ending was nothing special, but I confess that I nearly broke down.

This book is a gem of English literature and if you haven’t read it, you most definitely should. It’s a must-read. I haven’t read ‘Remains of the Day’ yet, but I’m already awed by Ishiguro. This book is one of those that should be on your bucket list.